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Jeannette A. Vaccaro represents her clients from a place of deep understanding, and it shows in her clients’ reviews. Interested in hearing what they have to say? Peruse our testimonials and contact us soon.

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I was put in touch with Jeannette by a family friend who recommended I pursue my previous employer for unpaid wages. I was unsure what to expect as I had never been in a situation to want/need legal counsel.

The first time I spoke with Jeannette, she spent 20 minutes with me on the phone, going over my situation. After our initial conversation, I later sent over all the documents I saved to support my case, and Jeannette took care of everything from there.

Six months later, I am extremely happy with how my case turned out. Jeannette was not only professional and competent, but also caring and understanding. Jeannette is clearly passionate about what she does, and cares about her clients.

Throughout my six months working with Jeannette, we set regular, scheduled phone calls to review any new information, and develop plans for resolution. The entire time I felt well taken care of, and confident in my case.

I am extremely thankful I was put in touch with Jeannette, and cannot recommend her enough.


I can’t say enough good things about my experiences over several months working with Jeannette Vaccaro and her team. She is extremely bright, knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly listens to her clients, working WITH them, and not just FOR them. Ms. Vaccaro sets clear expectations and outlines the timelines various scenarios will take, fully and carefully prepares her clients for situations they may never have previously faced, and fights hard for her clients. She outlines clearly the pros and cons of taking various positions and/or actions and reviews them in detail with her client. She is kind, caring, compassionate and just plain nice! — characteristics many people don’t automatically associate with lawyers! I would definitely recommend Jeannette Vaccaro to anyone who needs a good employment lawyer. I would also seek her advice again if I ever needed employment law advice in the future.


Jeannette is a top-notch attorney and I highly recommend her. She assisted me with a very difficult and painful case. She handled it with grace and professionalism and added great value with her extensive expertise and experience. It was also an added bonus that she is an extremely nice person and a joy to work with. She is an asset to her profession and to anyone that is fortunate enough to work with her.


Jeannette is an excellent attorney and I can’t recommend her enough. She handled my case expertly. She possesses tremendous professionalism, extensive expertise and experience. She’s also a very compassionate person and a joy to work with. Jeannette is an asset to her profession. If you need the help of an attorney, you should absolutely contact Jeannette.


If you have an employment issue, do not think twice about calling Jeannette Vaccaro. She is outstanding and will work tirelessly for you, as she did for me.

Jeannette is thorough and knowledgable, and at the same time is kind, understanding and compassionate. She helped me through a very difficult time and tackled every issue with complete efficiency and expertise. She kept me informed during the entire process and calmed my anxiety more times than I can recount. Her interaction with the Courts and Judge was spot-on and powerful; she didn’t miss anything!

If you need an employment attorney, I highly recommend Jeannette Vaccaro.


If you’ve been wronged by an employer, I highly recommend Jeannette Vaccaro. Ms. Vaccaro handled my case with meticulous attention to detail, empathy, and thorough knowledge of my rights under California law. My case was against a startup that misclassified me as an independent worker and withheld wages and commissions. Ms. Vaccaro was relentless in arguing my case against the employer and its insurance company. Ms. Vaccaro successfully negotiated a mediation settlement that resulted in full compensation of wages and commissions that should have been paid in the first place.


When you’re faced with a national corporation’s team of lawyers, Jeannette Vaccaro has the ability and determination to flesh out the facts as they pertain to the law. She was laser focused on the issues and relentless in her pursuit of justice for my case. She masterfully demonstrated the illegal discriminatory behavior and practices of a large corporation that resulted in a very favorable outcome.


I felt extremely well represented by Jeannette. She not only understood the facts of my case well, but she also was able to “walk in my shoes” and comprehend, on an emotional level, the toll that my former workplace had exacted on me.


I had the opportunity to work with Jeannette Vaccaro when I was negotiating a departure from my workplace. She used her vast experience to provide me with excellent advice as well as insights into each step along the way. She was able to help me ask the right questions and anticipate each outcome. Because of her consultation, I was able to negotiate a deal that exceeded my expectations. Throughout the entire process Jeannette showed extreme professionalism while maintaining expedient, thoughtful communication. I would highly recommend Jeannette Vaccaro for any employment and labor issue.


Jeannette was extremely understanding, positive and helpful in my conversations with her. She is definitely one of the best lawyers in the area and she is highly regarded by many of my friends. She is an expert in employment law and severance negotiations and I cannot recommend her enough.

Dongkeun L.

I was referred to Jeannette as the attorney I talked to said she was the best at severance negotiation. They were not joking. I’ve worked with other attorneys before and she is the best and nicest person I’ve dealt with. She knows exactly what she is doing and has tons of experience. I would recommend her to any and all of my friends and family if they needed employment law assistance. 5/5. Best attorney in SF bay area. If you want a winner on your side then stop looking anywhere else. Other law offices would send me to their receptionist who was unhelpful and made me fill out forms. Jeannette spoke to me directly and didn’t give me any runarounds. She also knows other great attorneys so her references are solid! A1 Attorney. Thanks!!

Jane S.

Jeannette helped me with a recent employment issue and was absolutely amazing to work with. Not only did she take my case that required a very short turnaround time, she did so with amazing precision and care. Every single step of the way I felt valued by her genuine concern for my well being. Jeannette advised me on all options available to me and also walked me through what she thought would be the best solution in my scenario. Her professionalism, tailored with a generous dose of human connection and empathy, makes her one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with – especially around a tremendously vulnerable and sensitive subject like employment law.

Thank you, Jeannette! Would strongly recommend her to anyone going through any employment issues.

Jecht T.

I only had one phone conversation with Jeannette and a few emails exchanged. We ended up deciding not to move forward with my claim because it likely wouldn’t be worth the money. I appreciated that she seemed to genuinely listen, care and understand my situation. She didn’t rush our consultation.  She also was very candid and didn’t try to bill me for something I didn’t need. She was very thorough and left me feeling like I fully understood my options. I would absolutely recommend Jeannette and use her in the future.

Jessica L.

Ms. Vaccaro was one of two attorneys on my case which was won with very substantial damages. She excelled in all aspects: planned, researched, argued and cross-examined my case with expertise. In the hearings and in the strategy sessions, she showed dedication and even passion. Most specifically, she wrote an overwhelming closing brief!


Jeannette was fantastic to work with, from beginning to end. She knew what information to ask for, what questions to ask about what I provided, and what to dig for that I never would have thought of on my own. She kept me up to date on all relevant interactions and kept me in the loop on her strategy, which I also sincerely appreciated. Above all, it was obvious that she genuinely cared about me and my circumstances, and that she was PERSONALLY invested (not just financially) in helping me reach a positive resolution, which she did. I cannot say enough good things about the experience of working with her.