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Jeannette worked with me for almost three years to resolve my wrongful termination/gender discrimination case. She was always very clear, providing technical guidance and strategic advice to navigate numerous depositions, review of documentation, and options for moving forward at each stage of the case. I always felt that she really knew all of the aspects of the case, and saw the evidence in a way that helped me to understand the “why” of the situation–she was my advocate, emotional support, and stalwart representative. Her emotional IQ also allows her to be a shoulder to cry on while going through the details of the case, but is also brutally vicious on your behalf. I recommend her to anyone fighting injustice related to discrimination and harassment whole-heartedly.



I have always heard that when you retain an attorney; the worry of them not caring with the same passion as their client, can ruin a person’s chances of gaining peace from the hardship they endured. But this is not the case with this attorney! She cared so delicately and passionately about making sure my hearts pain was her works gain. She has the heart of gold, and such a keen eye for law that putting trust in her is like trusting a best friend or long time colleague. Mrs. Vaccaro is thorough, dedicated, and most of all ALWAYS AVAILABLE for even the smallest concern, questions and basic motivating vent session (from client to attorney). AND SHE KNOWS HER (SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA). “There is no reason to fear, when Mrs. Vaccaro is near.”



Jeanette was so helpful, she put my mind at ease, and kept me updated. She’s very knowledgeable and reasonable. I highly recommend her services!



If you have an employment issue, do not think twice about calling Jeannette Vaccaro. She is outstanding and will work tirelessly for you, as she did for me.

Jeannette is thorough and knowledgeable, and at the same time, is kind, understanding and compassionate. She helped me through a very difficult time and tackled every issue with complete efficiency and expertise. She kept me informed during the entire process and calmed my anxiety more times than I can recount. Her interaction with the Courts and Judge was spot-on and powerful; she didn’t miss anything!

If you need an employment attorney, I highly recommend Jeannette Vaccaro.



I can’t say enough good things about my experiences over several months working with Jeannette Vaccaro and her team. She is extremely bright, knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly listens to her clients, working WITH them, and not just FOR them. Ms. Vaccaro sets clear expectations and outlines the timelines various scenarios will take, fully and carefully prepares her clients for situations they may never have previously faced, and fights hard for her clients. She outlines clearly the pros and cons of taking various positions and/or actions and reviews them in detail with her client. She is kind, caring, compassionate and just plain nice! — characteristics many people don’t automatically associate with lawyers! I would definitely recommend Jeannette Vaccaro to anyone who needs a good employment lawyer. I would also seek her advice again if I ever needed employment law advice in the future.

Jecht T.


Jeannette helped me with a recent employment issue and was absolutely amazing to work with. Not only did she take my case that required a very short turnaround time, she did so with amazing precision and care. Every single step of the way, I felt valued by her genuine concern for my well being. Jeannette advised me on all options available to me and also walked me through what she thought would be the best solution in my scenario. Her professionalism, tailored with a generous dose of human connection and empathy, makes her one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with – especially around a tremendously vulnerable and sensitive subject like employment law.

Thank you, Jeannette! I would strongly recommend her to anyone going through any employment issues.



I was put in touch with Jeannette by a family friend who recommended I pursue my previous employer for unpaid wages. I was unsure what to expect as I had never been in a situation to want/need legal counsel. The first time I spoke with Jeannette, she spent 20 minutes with me on the phone, going over my situation. After our initial conversation, I later sent over all the documents I saved to support my case, and Jeannette took care of everything from there.

Six months later, I am extremely happy with how my case turned out. Jeannette was not only professional and competent but also caring and understanding. Jeannette is clearly passionate about what she does and cares about her clients. Throughout my six months working with Jeannette, we set regular, scheduled phone calls to review any new information and develop plans for resolution. The entire time I felt well taken care of and confident in my case. I am extremely thankful I was put in touch with Jeannette and cannot recommend her enough.

Charlay K.


Jeannette’s reviews are all accurate! She is an exceptional discrimination attorney. I found myself feeling very lost and overwhelmed around this time last year. Her knowledge and passion for her clients go unmatched. I’ve met people that have worked with discrimination attorneys and they were not getting half the services that I received. Jeannette is really like family; she honestly looks out for your best interest in the most stressful situations. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me and I am grateful that I was able to obtain Jeannette. She makes the work look so easy and you will be happy to get her if you can.

Kid A.


I hired Jeannette as my attorney on a complex and ambiguous case. I was being retaliated against in my former company. Jeannette was really incredible from the very beginning. Most lawyers want straightforward cases they can apply the letter of law and have a clear grasp of potential outcomes. My case was anything but that. After being declined by quite a few lawyers, I was very happy and, at the same time, relieved Jeannette accepted my case. She was at the top of my list and had been recommended by three friends/acquaintances. It’s ironic that the top lawyer on my list and the one lawyer I thought would not take my case was the one who did!

Throughout the entire ordeal, Jeannette guided me and provided me with options and valuable information that allowed me to protect myself and my interests. All her pieces of advice kept me in the game, surviving an extremely hostile environment. It’s very clear to me that without her advice and hand-holding, I would have been out of the job in a matter of weeks without any cushion on my way out. Her line of communication with me and other parties throughout my case was professional and always open. I had direct access to her to discuss urgent matters and, as mentioned above, obtained instant and valuable advice I could use immediately.

I can’t express enough all my gratitude for her services, guidance, professional and personal efforts throughout my case.

Nicole S.


I would highly recommend Jeannette to anyone who needs an employment law attorney.  Jeannette represented me on disability discrimination and unlawful termination case and she was fantastic.  She laid out everything upfront for me – she explained in great detail the steps we would be following in order to have a successful outcome. There were no surprises between the two of us because she prepped me all the way. We worked very closely together on my case and I found Jeannette to be a very caring person who is passionate about her work and a true professional.  I know I had the best attorney for my case and I am grateful to have found Jeannette to represent me.

Camille L.

Jeannette is brilliant and is the right person to have on your team. In seeking legal counsel, I found her to be very accessible, empathetic and incredibly passionate about employee rights. She is an expert in employment law and the right person to go to if you have questions and need guidance. She manages to simplify the process for you and explain in layman’s terms a clear strategy and how to execute it successfully. I would happily recommend her to friends and family in the future.



Jeannette was fantastic to work with from beginning to end. She knew what information to ask for, what questions to ask about what I provided, and what to dig for that I never would have thought of on my own. She kept me up to date on all relevant interactions and kept me in the loop on her strategy, which I also sincerely appreciated. Above all, it was obvious that she genuinely cared about me and my circumstances and that she was PERSONALLY invested (not just financially) in helping me reach a positive resolution, which she did. I cannot say enough good things about the experience of working with her.

Jane S.


I was referred to Jeannette as the attorney I talked to said she was the best at severance negotiation. They were not joking. I’ve worked with other attorneys before and she is the best and nicest person I’ve dealt with. She knows exactly what she is doing and has tons of experience. I would recommend her to any and all of my friends and family if they needed employment law assistance. 5/5. Best attorney in SF bay area. If you want a winner on your side, then stop looking anywhere else. Other law offices would send me to their receptionist, who was unhelpful and made me fill out forms. Jeannette spoke to me directly and didn’t give me any runarounds. She also knows other great attorneys, so her references are solid! A1 Attorney. Thanks!!

Stefy B.


I brought Jeanette my case and she immediately made me feel that she was the right person for me to get my issue solved. Straight through, smart, fast, and efficient. We made a good team and whereas I feel she is a great attorney for anyone, I particularly encourage any woman that has a work-related issue to hire Jeanette. You want her in your corner.



When you’re faced with a national corporation’s team of lawyers, Jeannette Vaccaro has the ability and determination to flesh out the facts as they pertain to the law. She was laser focused on the issues and relentless in her pursuit of justice for my case. She masterfully demonstrated the illegal, discriminatory behavior and practices of a large corporation that resulted in a very favorable outcome.



Attorney Vaccaro helped me with my maternity discrimination case when I was wrongfully terminated from my job. I was offered a very generous severance and was advised by many attorneys whom I consulted with to take it and sign my release. However, Attorney Vaccaro encouraged me to pursue my case, after giving me a VERY thorough and long consultation. Throughout the case, she was very professional, responsive and detailed. She took her time to explain her process and made sure to include me in every decision while offering her professional advice. Ultimately we decided not to pursue litigation because she was able to negotiate a higher severance and a change in the release terms. I would highly recommend her for any area of employment and labor lawsuits — she’s the best!



I had been unfairly treated at work. Jeannette helped my case. She is very professional. She gave me a lot of options and advice on how I could approach my complaint. She is very caring and she cares about my stress and anxiety during the complaint process. She always thought in my shoes and gave me the best suggestion for my benefit.

She is very experienced in employment-related cases. She analyzed my situation from all perspectives, told me all possible responses from HR & the manager and how to deal with each response. She also instructed me on how to collect evidence and documented each communication with HR and the manager. She provided me with very smart and strong advice on how I could get the best result.

She treats clients like a friend. Not like some other lawyers who care more about money, she cares about clients. She protected me in the best way and helped me get the most I could get from my case. Not only did she provide me with professional advice, but also she mentally supported me during the case. She helped me make it through the whole complaint process and become a stronger person with a tougher mind.

I would recommend Jeannette to anyone who needs legal support on his/her employment-related case. You won’t regret choosing her!
Again, thank you so much, Jeannette! You helped me so much when I was helpless and depressed. I wish you all the best!



I reached out to Jeannette because of the unfair treatment I received at work after returning from maternity leave. She was genuinely concerned and raised productive questions to better understand my situation. I was impressed that (unlike other attorneys) she was not intimidated by the organization I worked for but was determined to pursue justice. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I was fortunate to have found her. She helped me through my situation with an amazing follow-up!



Jeannette truly cares about her clients.

During our initial consultation, she spent an hour evaluating the merits of my case. Most attorneys would normally spend no more than 15 minutes. This personal, hands-on approach was instrumental in the favorable outcome of my case.

From start to finish, Jeannette personally handled all aspects of my case. I was never passed off to a junior associate. I have and will continue to refer friends and colleagues to Jeannette’s firm.



Here are times when your voice alone is not enough. Your knowledge is not enough. Jeanette spoke on my behalf.  Jeannette’s knowledge helped me obtain what was rightly mine.



Jeannette Vaccaro provided excellent advice and counsel during a trying period of my career. I was wrongfully terminated and my former employer threatened not to pay my severance package nor provide cash payments for my company shares. Jeannette clearly explained my former company never provided proper accommodation for my disability and in fact, was discriminating against me. With Jeannette’s guidance, I was able to negotiate a settlement agreement that provided the payments I was due as well as protected my good name and career.



I hired Jeannette after several professionals referred me to her. She guided me every step of the way until the case was resolved. I am happy with the results. Jeannette is genuine, considerate, and exceptionally competent. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.



Jeannette was very responsive to every question or concern I had throughout my legal proceedings. She was also personable and caring, not just about the results from the legal action but also about my family and well-being. Not only did I feel like she worked hard for me, I felt like she cared.



Ms. Jeannette Vaccaro is a consummate professional. Her assistance was invaluable as I negotiated tricky waters. She was succinct, listened carefully and advocated brilliantly on my behalf. Never once did I feel she was running up the clock. I’ve dealt with many attorneys over my life and Ms. Vaccaro truly has my deepest respect and appreciation. You cannot do better than this. Full stop!

Jeff R.


I had a unique situation, whereby I had a great job offer at another company and although I needed to resign on short notice, I wanted, somehow, to extract an exit settlement from the current employer who was dissatisfied with my work. To make things more complicated, the new company had large contracts with the current employer, which stipulated that I needed to leave on good terms. Ms. Vaccaro worked closely with me to develop and implement a strategy, which was very successful. I received a generous payment and the company held a party in my honor on the last day. The CEO made a very nice speech in the all-hands gathering and privately offered a letter of recommendation. Most lawyers can help you out when there’s been a clear violation of law; it’s a very special lawyer who is able to help you finesse a true win-win outcome.

Sandra P.


Jeannette is top-notch! I had a very tight turnaround to review some sensitive documentation, and she was able to respond the same day. I contacted her office and personally consulted with me by phone to assess the situation (unlike another office which made me complete a lengthy intake questionnaire with an assistant only to learn they were unable to help me). Jeannette was thoughtful, super friendly, very thorough (a plus for a detail-oriented person like myself), and demonstrated vast and sharp expertise in employment law. And you really feel like you’re working with a person who cares, not just a lawyer who is out to bill you unnecessarily. I cannot recommend Jeannette enough! Oh, and shout out to her very friendly and professional assistant, Tyson, too!

Ashley A.


Jeannette Vaccaro is an excellent, results-oriented employment discrimination attorney. You could not ask for a more aggressive, passionate, and result-oriented lawyer. She is very passionate about her work on behalf of her clients and is all around kick ass. She is very busy so you would be fortunate to get her attention and have her on your case. I wouldn’t enjoy being on the other side of her.



Jeannette is everything that you are looking for in an attorney. She is extremely intelligent, very knowledgeable about the law and is an advocate for you. She is a great listener but knows when to take action. When presented with my case, she quickly accessed what needed to be done, was very responsive and had great judgment. I can not recommend her enough.

Jasper C.


After Jeannette explained to me, in a super professional and effective way, during our initial phone conversation, I understood that my claim would not be protected by CA laws. I’m really impressed by her efficiency, frankness, and genuineness, as well as kind understanding. If someday I need an employment law attorney, I’d not hesitate to circle back. Highly recommended!

Alexander S.


I spoke with Jeannette to help me approach negotiating the situation following a layoff that was being couched as a termination for a cause but with severance (weird, right?). Jeannette helped me present my situation to my former employer, focusing on those aspects of the termination that were problematic and emphasizing the need for them to properly compensate me for the abrupt (and problematic) nature of the termination.

Over the course of about a week, Jeannette helped guide me to successfully negotiate a 2.5-fold increase in severance from the initial offer from my former employer. She was also great in helping me understand the process, how to approach it, and what I could expect – including a realistic assessment of how far we’d want to push the negotiation given the overall situation.

I’d happily recommend Jeannette for employment situations and refer people personally to her to help with theirs.



Ms. Vaccaro was one of two attorneys on my case, which was won with very substantial damages. She excelled in all aspects: planned, researched, argued and cross-examined my case with expertise. In the hearings and in the strategy sessions, she showed dedication and even passion. Most specifically, she wrote an overwhelming closing brief!

Jessica L.


I only had one phone conversation with Jeannette and a few emails exchanged. We ended up deciding not to move forward with my claim because it likely wouldn’t be worth the money. I appreciated that she seemed to genuinely listen, care and understand my situation. She didn’t rush our consultation.  She also was very candid and didn’t try to bill me for something I didn’t need. She was very thorough and left me feeling like I fully understood my options. I would absolutely recommend Jeannette and use her in the future.

Dongkeun L.


Jeannette was extremely understanding, positive and helpful in my conversations with her. She is definitely one of the best lawyers in the area and she is highly regarded by many of my friends. She is an expert in employment law and severance negotiations and I cannot recommend her enough.



I had the opportunity to work with Jeannette Vaccaro when I was negotiating a departure from my workplace. She used her vast experience to provide me with excellent advice as well as insights into each step along the way. She was able to help me ask the right questions and anticipate each outcome. Because of her consultation, I was able to negotiate a deal that exceeded my expectations. Throughout the entire process, Jeannette showed extreme professionalism while maintaining expedient, thoughtful communication. I would highly recommend Jeannette Vaccaro for any employment and labor issues.



I felt extremely well represented by Jeannette. She not only understood the facts of my case well, but she also was able to “walk in my shoes” and comprehend, on an emotional level, the toll that my former workplace had exacted on me.


Jeannette is an excellent attorney and I can’t recommend her enough. She handled my case expertly. She possesses tremendous professionalism, extensive expertise and experience. She’s also a very compassionate person and a joy to work with. Jeannette is an asset to her profession. If you need the help of an attorney, you should absolutely contact Jeannette.


Jeannette is a top-notch attorney and I highly recommend her. She assisted me with a very difficult and painful case. She handled it with grace and professionalism and added great value with her extensive expertise and experience. It was also an added bonus that she is an extremely nice person and a joy to work with. She is an asset to her profession and to anyone that is fortunate enough to work with her.



If you’ve been wronged by an employer, I highly recommend Jeannette Vaccaro. Ms. Vaccaro handled my case with meticulous attention to detail, empathy, and thorough knowledge of my rights under California law. My case was against a startup that misclassified me as an independent worker and withheld wages and commissions. Ms. Vaccaro was relentless in arguing my case against the employer and its insurance company. Ms. Vaccaro successfully negotiated a mediation settlement that resulted in full compensation of wages and commissions that should have been paid in the first place.

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