Discrimination in The Workplace: What to Do if You Are The Victim

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Discrimination in The Workplace: What to Do if You Are The Victim

No one expects to be the victim of unlawful discrimination at work, so most people do not consider what to do if this occurs. Sometimes, discrimination might be obvious, but in many cases, you might not be sure whether your employer violated your rights or not. 

Below are some steps to take if you believe you might be a victim of workplace discrimination. To discuss a possible legal case, never hesitate to reach out to a San Francisco discrimination attorney for help. 

Stay Calm

Suffering discriminatory conduct at work can be jarring and traumatizing, but it is important to remain calm under the pressure. Trying to fight back against your manager or employer can only make the situation worse. Calmly remove yourself from the situation when possible and contact our legal team for assistance.

Take Notes and Stay Organized

Many acts of discrimination happen over time and involve many different communications. You want to make notes of all conversations you have with your employer that might be discriminatory and keep all emails, messages, voice mails, and other communications. Your notes should state the date, time, and persons involved in every incident you think is wrongful. This can help prove your case when your employer denies engaging in discrimination. 

Report the Conduct

If you feel safe doing so, you should report what is happening to your employer’s human resources department. Follow all proper procedures in lodging your complaint, and be sure to follow up to know that HR is conducting a proper investigation into your report. If your employer is small and there is no one to report to, you should seek legal help for advice on what to do. 

Cooperate with Investigations

If your HR department conducts an investigation, be sure to cooperate and answer all their questions openly and honestly. Be consistent with your version of events, so there is no confusion regarding your account of the discriminatory conduct. Present them with copies of your notes and communications, but keep the originals. Keep notes of what you provided HR, when you met, what you discussed, and what – if anything – they promised to do in response. 

Meet with a Discrimination Attorney

Never hesitate to set up a consultation with an employment discrimination lawyer at any point during this process. Suffering possible discrimination can be an intimidating scenario, and having outside support from a legal professional can help to preserve your case. In many situations, employers deny discrimination outright and refuse to engage in proper investigations regarding complaints. If this happens, you want a law firm standing up for your rights and holding your employer accountable for its unlawful actions. 

Speak with a San Francisco Discrimination Lawyer Today

At the Law Office of Jeannette A. Vaccaro, we represent employees who suffer all types of discrimination in the workplace and stand up for their rights. Contact us right away so we can evaluate whether you have rights as a victim of workplace discrimination.

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