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I hired Jeannette as my attorney on a complex and ambiguous case. I was being retaliated against in my former company. Jeannette was really incredible from the very beginning. Most lawyers want straightforward cases they can apply the letter of law and have a clear grasp of potential outcomes. My case was anything but that. After being declined by quite a few lawyers, I was very happy and, at the same time, relieved Jeannette accepted my case. She was at the top of my list and had been recommended by three friends/acquaintances. It’s ironic that the top lawyer on my list and the one lawyer I thought would not take my case was the one who did!

Throughout the entire ordeal, Jeannette guided me and provided me with options and valuable information that allowed me to protect myself and my interests. All her pieces of advice kept me in the game, surviving an extremely hostile environment. It’s very clear to me that without her advice and hand-holding, I would have been out of the job in a matter of weeks without any cushion on my way out. Her line of communication with me and other parties throughout my case was professional and always open. I had direct access to her to discuss urgent matters and, as mentioned above, obtained instant and valuable advice I could use immediately.

I can’t express enough all my gratitude for her services, guidance, professional and personal efforts throughout my case.

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