Tips for Discussing Wage and Hour Issues With Your Employer

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Tips for Discussing Wage and Hour Issues With Your Employer

So you think something is off with your paycheck. Or you feel like you may be working too much, too little, or deserve overtime pay. Whatever concern you have about your wage or hours, you should never be afraid to talk to your employer about it. With the right preparation, you may just end up getting the wages (or other solution) you seek without conflict.

Some tips for discussing wage and hour issues with your employer include:

Research the Issue Before Speaking with Your Employer

If you believe that your employer hasn’t been paying you minimum wage or has had you work more than 40 hours per week and therefore owes you overtime pay, research the issue first. By doing your due diligence on federal and state laws, or any other topics relevant to your concern, you can:

  • Avoid an uncomfortable and potentially tense discussion with your employer that you may have avoided by doing basic research
  • Enter any necessary meeting with your employer with facts, ensuring that you can speak from a position of authority
  • Inform your employer of any misconceptions they may have about employment law in California 

Knowledge can truly be power, especially when you’re discussing a wage- or hours-related issue with your employer.

Pinpoint Exactly What You Want to Achieve from the Meeting

Narrow down your goal for the meeting with your employer. Some potential motivations for discussing hours or wages with an employer include:

  • To gather information: Perhaps you want to get an explanation from an employer or simply learn more about an hour or wage issue. 
  • To get a raise: You may be seeking more money for your services, as this may be the most common reason to have a wage-related discussion with an employer.
  • To demand wages you’re already owed: If you believe you haven’t received regular wages or overtime pay that you’ve earned, you should absolutely speak up.
  • To request more or fewer hours: If you feel overworked or need more hours, your employer is the one to discuss a change of schedule with.

There are countless other reasons why you might have “the talk” with your employer. If an employment-related issue has been on your mind—for better or worse—consider having a discussion with your boss.

Remain Calm Throughout the Discussion

Even if you think you know your employer, it’s never certain how an employer will react to an unusual discussion about hours or wages. By remaining calm and sticking to facts, you can ensure that you don’t compromise your job or any lawsuit you may later pursue—even if an employer loses their cool.

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