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What does age discrimination look like?

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Age discrimination can be subtle or overt.  In fact, some victims don’t even realize they are being targeted for discrimination until after they are terminated. The following are some examples of age-based employment discrimination:

  • Pressuring an older employee to retire whether by constantly asking when he or she plans to do so or by threatening to fire the employee if he or she does not retire
  • Forcing an older employee to retire
  • Cutting older employees with the highest salaries before younger employees
  • Promoting a younger person rather than the older worker
  • Making comments about wanting “fresh faces” or “youthful energy” in the office
  • Refusing to hire an otherwise qualified employee based on his or her age
  • The boss consistently socializes with younger workers or gives them the best job opportunities, or otherwise displays a preference against older employees
  • Not permitting an older employee to learn new skills or attend training

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